Previously Sponsored Heart Warriors

Once you have received your Heart Warrior or Angel if you would like to show other parents the effect we have on children and parents, please feel free to contact a member of admin with your photo and your comments to accompany it.


Leon's mum said: 

I couldn't believe that we got sponsored. I still remember this wonderful woman and this amazing group. Leon's had his bear since last year I remember it came and when we opened it i cried. I was so happy that my son has a hospital buddy to make him smile and be happy that he has a unique superhero bear!! 


Roman's mum said:

Roman hasn't had the monkey long and yet it's never left his side. It came with us to GOSH for his heart MRI and it was the first thing he asked for when he came round! Just want to say thanks again to his sponsor and to Heart, Heroes & Angels group!!


James' mum said:

James was so happy to be sponcered by such an amazing thoughtful person. It meant so much to him.He takes his heart buddy to bed and appointments even had him into school to meet his friends.Now we have a special friend that we keep in touch with. Thank you again, you're just amazing  ❤ xxx

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