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Thank you so much Donna





Thank you so much Kelly.



This is our Heart Warrior, Willow.

She was diagnosed at 6 days old with Aortic Stenosis, Unicuspid Aortic Valve, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, ASD and a Dysplastic Aortic Valve.
Willow Has had one open heart surgery so far ay 3 weeks old to widen her Aortic Valve but will have to undergo more surgery in the near future to replace her valve.
She's 14 months old right now and is doing really well so far, she has regular cardiologist appointments to keep an eye on her valve function and handles each one like a trooper.
She's an energetic, caring and boisterous girl who takes everything in her stride and loves bossing around her other 5 siblings!
We couldn't be more proud and would love to be sponsored for her very own special soft toy which will accompany her on her journey.





Thank you so much Zoe



James was born on the 23rd May 2014 with transposition of the great arteries! He managed on prostoglanding until his arterial switch operation at 8 days old. Since his surgery he has developed mild pulmonary stenosis, tricupid regurgatation and right bundle branch block that are being monitored by his cardiologist. He also suffers with multiply food allergies  (dairy soya wheat and gluten) and has developed asthma. He has an auttoimune condition called vitiligo and has recently started suffering with hypoglycimia which his is now under investigation for as they believe it to be an underlying condition as opposed to diabetes! Despite everything James is a very bubbly energetic little boy who is always smiling! 



We found out at our 20 weeks scan Ruairís heart hadn’t formed properly, we got called back a week later for another scan to confirm Ruairís condition which is double outlet right ventricle, TGA and a large VSD,, Ruairí was born at 39 weeks in belfast royal maternity he was taken straight to nicu, the next morning Ruairí was transferred to Clark clinic this is were he spent the next couple of weeks waiting on his surgery, at 5 weeks old we got transferred by air ambulance to London evelina were he would under go his open heart surgery,for the full repair,  the day finally came October friday 13th a day I will remember forever, we handed our baby boy over at 8am for his surgery we were told to expect him to be away for around 5 hours, 5 hours has passed and still hadnt heard anything so we phone the belfast liason officer in the evelina to see if she has heard anything, but no no one had heard a thing we waited another hour still nothing the hours seemed like days then the liason officer decided to phone the theatres to see what was going on that’s when we found out the surgery was a lot more complicated than first expected, so 12 hours after handing our baby over we got the phone call we had been waiting on all day Ruairí was being brought to ICU,, with Ruairís surgery going a lot longer than expected meant his recovery wasn’t going to be as straight forward Ruairí spent over 300 minutes on the bypass machine over 3 times longer than normal which meant his body was a lot more swollen and a lot of fluid to get rid off, we thought Ruairí would be awake the next morning but unfortunately the doctors informed us he was still to poorly to waken they needed to keep him asleep for a bit longer while in ICU Ruairí got sepsis which was another thing that put his recovery back he also had to be put on dyalsis to try and get rid of the fluid but that wasn’t enough so they inserted two chest drains, thankfully the fluid started coming off, so over a week in icu it was finally time to wake Ruairí up, Ruairí was keep on the ventilator for over 2 weeks we were informed that when Ruairí was taken off the ventilator he would probably need oxygen and possibly have to go back on the ventilator, but Ruairí had different plans he started breathing by himself and his stats stayed 100% he shocked us all from then it was like he turned a corner and just kept getting better, so just over 3 weeks in icu we got moved back to the savannah ward we spent 3 days on the ward then flew back to Clark clinic were Ruairí spent another week in hospital then we got the news we had been waiting on we were allowed to go home after spending over 11 weeks in hospital I was getting to bring my baby boy home. Ruairí now attends monthly checkups so far so good by wee monkey my wee warrior [?] [?] [?]



Sienna was born on 28/11/13 weighing 1lb 8 (10 weeks early) she's my twin 1 and has an identical twin sister (Scarlett) who weighed 2lbs 11. Sienna underwent open heart surgery at 13 months for PDA part closure and she still has a 3mm hole and also an ASD we've been under great Ormond street hospital since she was 11 months old as she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. obviously this disease is a *hidden* one so to look at her you woudlnt have a clue what she's been through, she bares her beautiful scare on her chest which to me shows what a strong little girl she really is, I have the honour of saying I gave birth to my hero's. 

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