How it all works

We have successfully been operating a sponsorship scheme since 2013 and are the original bear giving charity.


Parents can apply for their child or angel to be placed on the sponsorship list to await a sponsor coming forward.  However, they do not have to wait as all our Warrior Friends are also available to buy privately too.  We also have back up funding for emergency cases which are assessed by our admin team.


By applying for charity status and requesting donations, we're hoping shortly to be in a position where people can apply for their bear and then receive it straight away, especially in critical cases, where time is of the essence.


We ask the parents to provide the child's name, date of birth, and a choice of three Warrior Friends that they would like to receive in priority order.  Once that child is sponsored we always try to ensure that they receive their first choice, embroidered with our unique design, their name and date of birth and, sadly, on some, the date they gained their angel wings.


This is then delivered to the child/parent with their sponsorship certificate confirming the date they were sponsored and by who.  Sometimes this will be a personal sponsor, but in the event that they receive theirs through donations, then it will be shown as being sponsored by Heart, Heroes & Angels.


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