Previously Sponsored Heart Warriors

Once you have received your Heart Warrior or Angel if you would like to show other parents the effect we have on children and parents, please feel free to contact a member of admin with your photo and your comments to accompany it.


Leon's mum said: 

I couldn't believe that we got sponsored. I still remember this wonderful women and this amazing group.. Leon's had his bear since last year I remember it came and when we opened it i cried .. I was so happy that my son has a hospital buddy to make him smile and be happy that he has a unique superhero bear!! 


Roman's mum said:

This is Roman and his monkey. He hasn't had the monkey long and yet it's never left his side. It came with us to GOSH for his heart MRI and it was the first thing he asked for when he came round! Just want to say thanks again to his sponsor and to Heart, Heroes & Angels group!!


James' mum said:

James was so happy to be sponcered by such an amazing thoughtful person. It meant so much to him.He takes his heart buddy to bed and appointments even had him into school to meet his friends.Now we have a special friend that we keep in touch with. Thankyou again, you're just amazing  ❤ xxx

Jordene & Bobbie-May

Jordene said:

This is Bobbie-may with her best friend Obi. I was quite overwhelmed when she was sponsored by annoynnous that someone was kind enough to give Bobbie-may her forever friend. Obi will be there for all her hospital appointments and treatments so she doesn't have to be brave alone. 
I'm sure Obi will be life time treasure  ?

Lisa & Evie

Lisa said:

Evie was sponsored by an anonymous sponsor and I couldn't be thankful as not long after we received her buddy she had to go back to GOSH for her open heart op. She has comfort when away from me  ? this group has made me feel like I'm not alone and I've gained substantial knowledge about CHD's and the lack of awareness. I couldn't be happier being part of this group and feeling very supported. Thank you to all those that run this group.  ? ? ?

Chantelle & Sophia

Chantelle said:

We were so happy to be sponsored, by a kind anonymous sponsor! We take our heart warrior bear to every heart check up and hospital admission we have.

Sophia is due heart surgery any day, we are literally waiting for the phone call. Once again our heart warrior friend will be with us all the way, for Sophia to hug to sleep, and for me to hold whilst she is in surgery x x x

Emily & Oliver

Emily said:

Oliver is Over the moon with his rainbow bear, thank you so much Hearts, Heroes and Angels xx

Victoria & Stanley

Victoria said:

We are so grateful to our very kind anonymous sponsor, our embroider and to Hearts, Heroes and Angels for Stanley's beautiful rainbow bear. It is a source of love and comfort for us all and a brilliant reminder of everything Stanley has been through. We can't wait to be in a position to pay forward the gratitude and sponsor a bear for another, special heart warrior xxx

Claire & Lucas 

Claire said:

Lucas was sponsored by a very lovely heart mum, Lisa Raithby, who has become a very special friend of ours. Lucas' little face lights up when he sees his special bear. They are already best friends! Many thanks hearts heroes and angels x

lauren & Megan

Lauren said:

Megan was born with tapvd, asd and had open heart surgery at 7 days old at 4 months old they noticed her pulmonary vein was narrowing so at 6 months she needed more open heart surgery to fix her pulmonary vein stenosis.
Since then she needs regular check ups on her veins and she has a problem with her mitral valve.
She struggles with her weight and to drink enough fluid to keep herself hydrated so she has a gastrostomy feeding tube but has had alot of problems with it so she find its good to take her bear on the hospital stays and the nurses seem to like the bear to. She always falls asleep with the bear too x

dee & penelope

dee said:

Penelope only received the bear a couple of months ago & its placed in her cot with the elephant that PICU gives to all the children when they come out of theatre. It's like they keep her safe at night. She's only 18months old So still a little to young to understand.. But it's such a wonderful thing to do & have for the children. Thank you x

carrie & ben

carrie said:

Ben has 22q 11 deletion syndrome, he has complex developmental delays , sensory processing disorder and speech and language ( including speech dyspraxia ) amongst his list of conditions. Ben loves his cuddle toys and his warrior bear has a special place in our home x

sarah & isabella

sarah said:

Isabella was born with a heart defect, Coarctation of the Aorta (COA), a small hole (VSD) and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). She was corrected with surgery at 10 days old. We didn’t know any of this when I was pregnant so was all a complete shock when she was born. Having her heart warrior bear will help Isabella as she grows older to understand what her scar represents and what she has been through. It shows that she is such a strong little girl who will not let anything get in her way of life. It has also helped us as parents to know that she is not the only baby with a heart defect and showed us a whole new world. Being a heart mum is challenging but I wouldn't change it for the world. This makes Isabella even more special Xx

laura & lance

laura said:

This is my little man lance he is 4 years old and has had his dinosaur for about 12 months. Lance takes Dino to bed every night and to all his heart check ups and to hospital admissions. Xx

claire & Tilly

claire said:

Here's a selection of 'Tilly' and her bunny buddy who even got to take a tour of bch prior to first admission. she has had bunny buddy since October last year it has been so uplifting to know that people are so caring and generous to provide these bears is overwhelming 

jane & poppy

jane said: 

My wee girls name is poppy she has chd in the form of vsd asd and pavm's she also has additional needs and doesn't sleep well. Since she got her bear whom she's named baby she is talking to it, she went from being non verbal to saying some words! And is sleeping all night albeit she's still not going to sleep till small hours but she sleeps all night now teddy also accompanied her to her ent appointment recently and kept her calm during her test x

alison & lyla

alison said: 

Wanted to share a photo of our little Lyla Mc for your gallery. Had open heart at 7 days old to repair an interrupted aortic arch, VSD and vascular ring and is doing amazing now. Loves her Troy Beeney (we are from Liverpool and are football mad but for some reason Lyla has taken a liking to Watford FC!). We were very thankful to the anonymous sponsor for our bee bear!

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